Bell Canada sells your personal data

As you may have seen in the latest news, there are growing concerns that Bell will follow the lead of Internet giants like FaceBook and Google in capturing and monetizing your personal data. You may read the CBC article here 

As per Bell privacy policies, the personal data cover definition covers all the things in the image on the right, including your Internet surfing habits and cellular records.


Now, in the press article, Bell claims the user can opt out of the “surveillance”, but this is only partially true, that is for the marketing offers they keep sending your for all Bell services and related companies services.

 You can opt out by going to the following link:

Then you’ll enter the cell phone number and your email information to identify your account. After validating your identity via a code received through SMS, you will get a page where you can opt out of Bell’s marketing database - see image below.

If you want to protect and anonymize your Internet traffic, you may use a remote VPN or a special browser like Tor.

The remote VPN will encrypt and send all your internet traffic to the VPN provider, as such, Bell will see in the traffic logs collect for your device only a single destination, the VPN gateway that is. And they will not be able to see what exactly your traffic is about, because the communication is encrypted between you and your VPN provider.

The Tor browser uses exit relays and encrypted tunnels to hide user traffic within the network, while improving your overall security ( destination servers will become a little bit puzzled because they no longer see the source of the connection clearly as it is the case with Chrome, IE, Firefox, safari).

Screen Shot 2019-01-12 at 2.05.28 PM

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