Please find below the common questions our customers have about the COLLABPRO services:

Q:Who pays for the licenses and equipment?

A: You pay for the licenses and equipment. CollabPro will take care of the overhead related to the management and administration of the contracts with Cisco. This way you have the flexibility to transfer the managed services and administration responsibility to the provider of your choice or even in-source it.

Q:What happens when a Meraki networking device stops functioning - hardware issue?

A: You open a ticket with CollabPro and we'll make sure a new one arrives on site, as per the SLA in place for that device. You can decide to replace it by people on site or have a CollabPro technician dispatched on site (for a fee).

Q: What happens if I can't access the Cisco Meraki cloud?

A: Your network continues to function normally even if you can't access the cloud. Users can authenticate, firewall rules remain in place, and traffic flows at full line rate.
Only management functions – reports, configuration tools, etc. – are interrupted.

 Q:What happens if the licenses expire?

A: You can not use the devices.

Administrators listed on the account will be sent notifications 90 days prior to account expiration. Also, Cisco Meraki dashboard will notify you if your license is getting close to expiring.
Your network continues to function during 30 days grace period. After grace period, you can not use the devices.

Q: Does my network traffic flow through the Cisco Meraki cloud infrastructure?

 A: No.

Only management data flows through the Meraki cloud infrastructure. No user traffic passes through Meraki's datacenters.

Q: Do you need physical access to the remote office where the network devices are installed?

 A: No. One the equipment has been installed and connected to your local cabling, all the management and administration work is done remotely.

Q: The prices include the Internet access connectivity?

 A: No. The Internet connectivity is acquired and paid by the customer. However, CollabPro can represent the customer for any technical issues face to the Internet Service Provider.